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        With the development of the Internet, the concept of home entertainment is more demanding than ever-before. The new requirements of operation and control is needed becasue of deeper,immersive and richer entertainment experience. Centralized operation and controll has become a trend. Created for this to provide users with high-quality home audio and video, games, control, storage and other smart entertainment services.


4K decoding

Support native 4K video online, local display, compatible with mainstream media formats (H265 60fps, VP9 60fps, H264 60fps,etc.)


Stream Games

Through specific optimization of adaptation for cloud game stream technology,support running of maximum 1080p, 60 frame under the more than 8M bandwidth.


Game Broadcasting

Specially designed for TV games, including single player game, multiplayer contest, host contest, game recording and other functions. Game broadcasting also provides a rich interactive way, including barrage, gifts, quiz, and invited co-chaired.


Voice Control

Voice control brings convenient to TV interaction. Low threshold helps users get started quickly. Voice control makes games rich and colorful.


High Fidelity Audio

Support wireless audio devices (WIFI,Bluetooth,etc). HiFi speakers transmits high-quality HiFI audio, which allow users to immerse themselves in the music.


Video Call

Communicate with your families and friends face to face whenever and wherever you want!